Upcoming birthday? Holiday? Work anniversary?

If you’re looking for the perfect something he’ll use every day, home office gifts for dad are a safe bet. More and more people are working from home these days. The opportunity to brighten up their workspaces, make them more productive, and bring a smile to their faces is always appreciated.

In this post, we’ll look at some top home office gifts – including photographs, organization ideas, tech options, lighting choices, and personal objects so that you have a wide range of ideas to choose from – regardless of your budget. You’re bound to find something dad will love.

Pictures of the Family

1. Physical Picture Frames

Pictures are a wonderful way to make a home office feel personal and fun to be in. Photos of top family moments and special times are not only sentimental, but can be a subtle remind of the “why” behind why he’s working so hard.

You might choose to make some high quality physical prints framed or get your dad a digital picture frame to cycle through the top photos.

For physical frames, we recommend Framebridge – an online framing company. Just log in, select a size, select a frame type, then mail in whatever you want to frame – and a couple weeks later, a beautiful, ready-to-hang photo will be delivered to your doorstep. We have used them multiple times at our home for a variety of mediums, and every frame has been great.

2. Digital Picture Frames

If you’re looking for a more dynamic frame option, you could consider purchasing a Google Nest Hub. Aside from being a virtual assistant, the Nest Hub lets you link your Google Photos albums so you don’t even have to load anything onto it – all the pictures will just appear on your dad’s device, constantly updating and keeping him in the loop with all the best and most recent photographs.

Organizational Gifts

If pics aren’t your thing, perhaps you have something more practical in mind. All home office spaces can become cluttered and messy over time. This can be a real productivity killer. If you want to help your dad clear his mind and feel more focused at work, a few useful yet stylish organizational options can go a long way.

3. Desktop Organization

Gather by Ugmonk is a fantastic modular organizer that allows the user to add and remove organizer trays very easily, or shuffle them around. Designed around a flexible grid, Gather’s components can be rearranged in whatever configuration is most convenient for the owner. Pens, business cards, post-it notes, smartphone, coffee mug – all neatly arranged for maximum efficiency.

No more stuff spilling all over the desk or scrambling to look for what he needs.

Ugmonk also sells other useful tools, high-quality stationery, and unbranded graphic tees.

Equipment Upgrades

Alternatively for the tech lover, a new gadget to upgrade his setup is always a welcome addition.

4. Headphones

Anyone working from home knows how distracting background noise can be. Whether you are trying to video call or trying to focus on the task at hand, a pair of high-quality, noise-canceling cannot go amiss.

Noise cancelling headphones can help dad increase his productivity and get through his work more quickly, meaning more leisure time at the end of the day.

5. Speakers

Also in the sound department, external audio speakers can be a nice upgrade to any home office setup.

If dad listens to music while he works, in which case, get him some dedicated speakers or, if space is tight, a sound bar. This could make a big difference, whether or not he uses video calling for his work.

You should opt for high quality options, as low quality speakers and sound bars are probably worse than just using the tinny speakers that come with a laptop or desktop. Don’t skimp on quality here – it isn’t worth it! Options with a sub-woofer (even small ones) help enhance the quality of the sound coming from his computer.

6. Monitor Lighting

Lighting is important too, and if you’re looking at a screen all day, eye strain is an unpleasant side effect, often coupled with headaches. Looking at a bright monitor in a dark room is not an ideal experience.

Putting a light on the back of your monitor or at the top can create some great ambient light that brightens up the whole space.

This ensures that the workspace is sufficiently illuminated, rather than all the light coming from the monitor, so your dad can clearly see his keyboard and his notebook.

Personal Items

If your dad’s home office is looking a bit dull, think about the things your dad really enjoys and consider getting some memorabilia to personalize his space.

7. Memorabilia

What are dad’s favorite books, movies, sports teams, or bands? Physical books, a postcard from one of his top vacation destinations, a signed jersey or gig poster, or physical objects that will mean something to him are all great ways to help him make his home office into a nice place to be.

eBay is always a great place to start. But newer options like Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp may have solid deals more locally.

And as we’ve mentioned before, having unique items around and behind a workspace is a great way to showcase your (dad’s) personality.

8. Personal Mementos

I know we’ve already suggested them in this post, but Framebridge’s motto is “frame anything” – even items with depth. Go through dad’s box of old stuff (you may have to get grandma involved), and find something that maybe he didn’t even remember he had. Polishing up nostalgic items (like an old baseball glove or a pair of baby shoes) and presenting them in a new way is sure to tug on his heart strings.

Wrap Up

If the home office is where dad is spending a majority of his time these days, it shouldn’t be drab. By keeping it organized, making sure your dad’s tech is up to date, and giving him physical mementos of his most treasured memories, you will create the perfect environment for him to work.