If you, like millions of others, are working remotely now – and for the foreseeable future – the odds are good you’ve seen the challenges with consistently producing high-quality audio. Studies have shown that online participants are more likely to stay engaged with videos and virtual meetings if the presenter has clean audio and poor video compared to picture-perfect video and bad sound quality.

From blocking barking dog sounds in the background to hearing your co-workers more clearly, we’ve found and reviewed the best office headphones with microphone below.

And while there are only about a million and a half different options out there to pick and choose from (yikes!), finding quality headphones that are:

  • comfortable
  • sound great,
  • easy to use, and
  • have a high-quality microphone attached

… ends up being a lot harder than most people expected.

That’s why we’ve put together this detailed guide.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a few options to choose from with choices to fit every budget and every need – all without having to do the heavy lifting of research on your own.

Let’s jump right in.

Best Office Headphones Under $50

COMEXION Trucker Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Microphone

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Not driving across the country in your big rig? No problem. Despite the name, the COMEXION Wireless Headset is built for more than just truckers.

If you don’t want to spend a mountain of money on the best office headphones with a microphone – but also don’t want to compromise sound quality or microphone capabilities – the COMEXION headset is the option for you.

This wireless set up takes advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 which allows you to connect to different devices to this headset at once (your phone AND your computer, for example), flipping between the two effortlessly. It also has a wired option, which keeps the headset powered continuously. Additionally, the Bluetooth connections are rock solid and dependable.

The sound quality coming out of the ear speaker is fantastic – even if it isn’t legitimate stereo sound because of the single-ear cup. The microphone is adjustable and has a rotatable microphone, sounds great, and offers crystal clear and non-distorted audio comparable to much more expensive options on the market today.

The part we like most about the COMEXION are all of the audio controls on the outside of the headset itself. Having the ability to adjust the in-ear volume, skip to the next song, mute your microphone, and more means you’ll spend less time toggling between programs on your computer and more time getting work done.

On an hour and a half charge, you’ll be able to talk for 34 continuous hours or listen to music for 30 hours. Of course, no one – we hope – is on 34 straight hours of meetings, so the battery will get you through 400 hours of wait time.

Best Office Headphones Under $150

Voyager Focus UC B825 with Charge Stand

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Plantronics is a legendary name in the world of business and productivity-focused headsets with microphone attachments. But in 2019 after Polycom acquired the brand, their products migrated to a more modern “Poly” brand. But as mom always says, outside appearances don’t matter – it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And that is why the Poly Voyager Focus won’t disappoint.

Used in call centers, major corporate offices, and business spaces around the world, it just doesn’t get a whole lot better than the Poly Voyager Focus.

These headphones are incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and easy to customize to your head. Thanks to ey sort of float on your head, evenly distributing weight in a way that few other options can.

Sound quality is top-tier as well, especially thanks to the inclusion of Active Noise Canceling technology. Three independent noise canceling microphones guarantee that you eliminate ambient and outside noise while amplifying your audio and microphone capabilities.

Combine that with up to 12 hours of talk time (with Active Noise Canceling running in the background) and nearly 300 hours of standby time and this set up is a no-brainer.

The Voyager line comes in a variety of models: charging stand vs. no stand, USB-C vs. standard charger, Microsoft edition vs. standard, and more. Most importantly, each model is compatible with the most popular voice platforms like Skype for Business, Zoom, Cisco, Teams, RingCentral, and more.

Best Office Headphones Under $200

Jabra Evolve 65 UC Wireless Headset

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This premium, professional-grade wireless headset is a game changer for those that want to maximize their productivity.

For starters, the headset is maybe the most comfortable option on this entire list. It is lightweight, so much so that you almost forget you have it on. There’s no real pressure on your head or your temples and the oversized ear cup dissipates heat really well.

As far as connectivity is concerned, a range of up to 30 meters/100 feet means you can work away from your desk and still maintain quality sound and service.

On top of that, this is a legitimately “plug and play” kind of setup. You can use it with any of your hardwired devices!

Leitner LH270 Wireless Office Headphones with Microphone

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Let’s not beat around the bush – these headphones are pricey. At just under $300, you’ll want to make sure you are committed to the long run when investing in the Leitner headset.

At the same time, though, you get what you pay for. According to over 2,700 reviews on Amazon at the time of this posting, there may not be a better pair of wireless office headset with microphone options on the market today. Clocking in at 4.6 stars out of 5, the Lietner LH270 lives up to the hype.

Leveraging true studio-grade active noise cancellation, dual-connectivity capabilities (via Bluetooth 5.1), secure and encrypted wireless transmission of call and microphone audio, and a 5-year warranty help these headphones separate themselves from the rest of the pack in a big way.

The headset also allows for dual inputs: one for a landline and another for USB input to your computer. The result is an ability to switch between input sources, so you can take phone and Zoom calls without ever having to switch your setup.

Super comfortable, super customizable, and ready to run with VoIP, dictation software, and Windows as well as Mac-based operating systems right out-of-the-box, these are a great choice for those that want only the best of the best.

Best Apple AirPod Alternatives:

Bose Sport Earbuds

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Apple AirPod alternatives are a dime a dozen these days. But if we are being honest, very few are able to offer similar capabilities let alone better feature sets.

The Bose Sport Earbuds, though, blow the AirPods right out of the water when it comes to a home office and productivity standpoint.

First of all, audio quality on these earbuds is exceptional. It’s exactly what you would expect from the folks at Bose to begin with.

Secondly, the comfort level of these earbuds is really finely tuned. The fit is significantly better than AirPods and won’t bounce out of position just because you turn your head to look at a different screen – or even while you’re exercising.

The built-in controls are easy to use, the microphone is clear and consistent, and the super long battery life (five hours of talk time on a single charge with 15-minute quick charge capabilities) make this AirPod alternative a real game-changer.