Many people who work from home also have roommates or spouses living with them in the same situation. This guide on home office layouts for two people will help you set up a room in your home so that both of you can achieve maximum productivity.

Working in a space that is separate from where you usually are in the home is important as it allows you time to switch off after your workday has ended. Not everyone has the space for separate offices, so this guide will help you use spaces efficiently, and allow you to keep out of your partner or roommate’s way.

Things to Consider When Working In The Same Room As Someone

When you’re working in the same space as someone, there are things you may have to consider that you wouldn’t necessarily think of when you go into an office.


We know that working in a small space can be challenging. But there are ways around making sure you don’t work on top of each other. If there is one way to annoy another person, it’s by disrespecting their privacy, even if you are sharing the same workspace.

Try to make sure you do not have your laptop cameras set in such a way that the other person is on the screen. This will make them feel somewhat put on the spot. It also helps to maintain an element of professionalism if you are the only person your colleagues can see on a call.

Sound Considerations

Zoom, Teams, and Skype have become household names over the past two years because people are using constantly them to facilitate team and client meetings. If both of you are on a call at the same time, it may be worth investing in some basic office equipment to reduce the amount of background noise in the flat.


Everyone needs decent lighting when working, especially if you are sitting at a desk for most of the day. When you set up your workspace, make sure there is sufficient lighting for both of you. We can recommend having good general light for the room and a lamp each at your respective desks.

If you have the space, try to set up your office layout so that both of you are close to the window. Natural light is the best source of light for productivity. If not, don’t worry, there are also some products out there that mimic the lighting of the course of the day.

Desk Layout Options

There are several great layout options that you and your work buddy can try out to make sure your home office is conducive to optimal productivity. Below we’ve suggested a few that are easy to set up, and dynamic enough to suit any space.


Setting up your desk side by side is probably the most favorable as it ticks all the boxes for what you need to consider when working in the same room as someone. You won’t be in each other’s camera frames, and the layout offers you the opportunity to make each side your own.

This setup also allows you to share a long desk, and if you really need some privacy, you can put a divider down the middle. This will also offer an element of soundproofing.

L-Shaped Layout

An L-shaped layout is great for when you are a bit strapped for space. It’s a great way for you to optimize a free corner in your home. It does, however, come with some restrictions when considering sound. This layout will make it difficult to be on calls at the same time.

Facing One Another

Facing one another is almost as good as sitting side by side. It will allow you to use one wide desk with your monitors facing away from each other. If you are a pair that enjoy the odd work chat but also respects the other’s time to focus, this home office layout could be perfect for you.

This layout does require a good amount of space and does not offer as great a distance for being on calls at the same time.


You should avoid setting up your home office in a back-to-back orientation if this is possible. It isn’t good for privacy, and the likelihood of the other person accidentally appearing in a business call is very high.

Some companies will also get a bit iffy about what people on the other’s call can see on your screen, so it’s best to keep these as concealed as possible.

Finding the Best Two-Person Layout For Your Home Office

Feel free to experiment with different layouts and enjoy the experience. Working from home could quite possibly become the norm for some time. With the help of your office mate, rearrange your space, work for a few days, discuss the setup, and make changes as needed. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to go looking for some great new furniture.