If you are one of the millions of people working from home but haven’t spent much time thinking about what your home office looks like: worry not. You are not alone. Styling your office was probably the last thing on your mind – especially if you have kids, or if you were thrust (again) into trying to be productive at home.

Home offices aren’t just where you work; they are an expression of who you are when you’re at work. How you decorate them matters, because, after all, you spend hours in them every single day.

So, today, we’re going to explore home office looks: what style fits your personality?

The decoration in your home office makes a big difference to how you feel and how those you interact with on video calls view you, so take some time to think about the appearance you want to portray and the environment you want to work in.

Look One: Formal

A home office is primarily a workspace, so you may want to go ultra-professional, especially if you work for a company such as a law firm. If you are regularly going to be doing video calling with clients, rather than just coworkers and bosses, formal might be a better option.

Choose traditional furniture such as a wooden desk and a leather chair, and opt for bookcases as a background if possible. Go for a coordinated desk set that keeps your desk tidy and put together, and keep stacks of paperwork in designated, out-of-sight spots.

Move any personal items out of a formal home office, and screen off any distractions such as glass doors into other rooms using a curtain or sliding panel. This will help to make the office feel self-contained.

Look Two: Personalized

If you want to tell the world a bit more about who you are, you should do the opposite. Include your personal items. If you’re into baseball, put up your trophies. If you love a particular movie, add a poster. Travel pictures, musical instruments, or art that inspires you all have a place in your personalized home office.

This tells the people who work with you more about you, giving them a glimmer of insight into your personal life. If you want your coworkers to know you, a personalized home office is a great non-verbal way to express yourself.

It may also help you to enjoy spending time in there if your office feels like a reflection of who you are. Like any other room in your house, it is yours to decorate as you prefer, so include anything that makes you happy. This can make long stints in the room more enjoyable, even if the decoration doesn’t change how much work you have to do.

Look Three: Dark And Cozy

Dark colors are a great way to make your office feel focused, and if you’re using a camera, this sort of scheme can really help if you pair it with the correct lighting. Halo lights and soft lamps will help to put the focus on you, rather than what’s around you.

You might also find that dark colors are easier on the eyes, and they can match dark furniture better. A muted, quiet space may make your brain work more effectively, too, so don’t be afraid to go for a dark gray or blue for your workspace.

If you have a fireplace, this is a particularly good way to make your space snug. Light the fire and settle down to work with a hot cup of something and a blanket draped around your shoulders. You will soon be cozy and thoroughly engaged in your work, not distracted by bright colors or ornaments.

Look Four: Fun And Energetic

You might be the complete opposite, and find a dark home office drab and depressing, especially if you prefer vibrancy. If so, choose light paint and opt for some pops of bright color. Picture frames, murals, and colorful art can make your space feel energetic and exciting.

You want your home office to welcome you when you step into it, so choose your favorite colors and make the most of them. Even if you aren’t redecorating, you can bring color to the room through furniture or soft furnishings like cushions and drapes and rugs.

Add fun little fidget gadgets for your deskor hang your kid’s drawings around to make the space feel good to you. Suspending a prism in the window is a great way to paint a literal rainbow on your walls, too!


Making your home office comfortable to work in and pleasant to enter is a key part of productivity at home. Don’t be afraid to leave your mark on your office; the space is yours, and you should do anything you like with it.